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Employee Information, Policies & Procedures

Here you will find everything  you need to have a successful event!

Questions, please email Peggy  –  [email protected]  or Theresa  –  [email protected]



  • Nutrien Western Event Centre, Stampede Park
    1800 Stampede Trail SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5A2

30 Event Days                             

  • Thursday           07 -Dec                 4pm – 9pm       *Media Night
  • Friday                 08-Dec                 4pm – 10pm
  • Saturday           09-Dec                12pm – 10pm
  • Sunday               10-Dec                  1pm – 9pm  
  • Wednesday       13-Dec                  4pm – 9pm
  • Thursday            14-Dec                  4pm – 9pm
  • Friday                 15-Dec                   4pm – 10pm
  • Saturday           16-Dec                 12pm – 10pm 
  • Sunday               17-Dec                   1pm – 9pm  
  • Monday              18-Dec                  4pm – 9pm
  • Tuesday             19-Dec                   4pm – 9pm                                               
  • Wednesday      20-Dec                  4pm – 9pm
  • Thursday           21-Dec                   4pm – 9pm
  • Friday                 22-Dec                  4pm – 10pm
  • Saturday           23-Dec                 12pm – 10pm
  • Sunday              24-Dec                    1pm – 7pm
  • Monday             CLOSED               Christmas Day
  • Tuesday             26-Dec                  4pm – 9pm
  • Wednesday      27-Dec                   4pm – 9pm
  • Thursday           28-Dec                  4pm – 9pm
  • Friday                 29-Dec                4pm – 10pm
  • Saturday           30-Dec                12pm – 10pm                                              
  • Sunday               31-Dec                   1pm – 9pm

Assistant Show Manager & Staff Manager:                                                     Show Manager/Owners

Peggy Mignon                                                                                                               Shannon Van Norman   [email protected]   780-237-1160
[email protected]                                                                                                  

Assistant Show Manager                                                                                        Bob Van Norman             [email protected]            780-777-5794

Theresa Krekoski

[email protected]

In order to proceed as an employee with Glow YYC, the following forms must be filled out and returned to Peggy 
[email protected]

(click and download the forms from the links below)

*All 3 Forms are Required and payment can not be issued without these forms*

Payroll is processed and paid out bi-weekly according to the timesheet information collected in Homebase. 

  • Be on time. You must be on the show floor at the beginning of your scheduled shift. If that means showing up early to park, stow personal items, clock in, etc. then do so.
  • Be flexible with your duties. Unless your role requires additional training (as with a Zone Supervisor), you are expected to take on the duties of another Show Attendant interchangeably (except in the case of medical reasons or if your proficiency in one area is such that you can take on a supervisory role and not switch).
  • All pre-shift checklists need to be completed before the gates open. These are given to you by our ZS (Zone Supervisor).
  • Employees are entitled to breaks (15 minutes for shifts shorter than 5 hours, 30 minutes for shifts of 5 hours or beyond). Your break time begins as soon as you leave your designated post. Please wait for your ZS to relieve you.
  • Report any potential safety hazards to your ZS.
  • When asked anything by a Guest, answer clearly and with courtesy. If you don’t know something, direct them to the Information Booth or your ZS.
  • You represent Glow in your appearance and demeanour throughout your shift. No offensive language or conduct will be tolerated.
  • In case of emergency evacuation, all staff must assist ticket holders to safely evacuate and then all staff must meet at the muster point (the location of which will be provided to you).
  • You may not use social media sites during contracting working hours for personal use or benefit without authorization from an appropriate manager. Use is permitted on breaks, subject to rules dictated within this policy:
  • While you may upload photographs to your social networking sites of yourself or any other employee taken in a work situation or in a work uniform, there are strict caveats. No defamatory comments about Glow should be made on such sites at any time; the photographs posted to social media sites should reflect a professional image of the company. Photographs with the following are not permitted: 
    • drugs and alcohol in the photos 
    • photographs that cause a health and safety risk 
    • photographs that do not fit with the brand or target audience. (Unsure? Ask)
  • Management at any time can request for the photograph to be removed from social media sites. 
  • You should not at any time include information identifying another employee/contractor/supplier/client/customer or any other individual working in connection with us. 
  • You should not at any time express opinions on such sites which purport to be the opinion of Glow, nor comment representing your own views of our organization. 
  • Any personal blogs should contain a disclaimer that the views expressed on it are personal views of the author only. 
  • You should not at any time make comments on such sites which bring the organization into disrepute. 
  • You should not at any time make comments on such sites which amount to bullying, harassment or any other detriment towards other employees/ contractors/suppliers/clients/customers or any other individual working in connection with us. 
  • You should not use instant messaging whether on a computer or by any other means for personal interest during working hours. 


  • No cell phone/smartphone/iPhone/iPod or similar device is permitted to be on any employee’s person while they are “on the floor.”
  • Once you leave the breakroom, you are on the floor and must leave your personal items behind.
  • Lockers are provided but locks are not, bring your own.
  • Please arrange any ride home you might need before your shift or during a designated break period.
  • If you’re seen on the floor with your phone or device (and this has not been cleared with the PM), your device will be confiscated for the duration of your shift.
  • ZS’s may be allow cell phones for communication purposes only.
  • No headphones are to be worn at any time by anyone, including during set up and take down of the show.

Homebase is our Scheduling and Timeclock app this is where you will clock in and out every shift it is also how you will know when you are working. Please make sure that if you haven’t already that you download it and accept the invite that was sent to you from the app so that you can get your PIN for sign in. There will be an IPad in the office in which you will use to clock in and out with the PIN that is specific to you. 

  • When a scheduling issue arises, you are responsible for bringing to the attention of the Staff Manager in a timely manner.
  • Can’t work your scheduled shift? You are responsible for covering it. Use Homebase to switch shifts. If no switch is available, you are responsible for working that shift.
  • We will do our best to accommodate you in the event of an unforeseen absence but we cannot guarantee shift changes.
  • Sick or unavoidably late the day of a scheduled shift? Contact the Staff Manager  (email or telephone). Do not leave a message. If your communication was in writing, you will need written confirmation of a response.

The dress code for GLOW staff includes:  

  • A GLOW branded t-shirt: one will be provided to you upon the commencement of your employment. Additional shirts can be purchased through your Site Manager for $15.00. 
  • You can wear a long sleeve white or black shirt under your t-shirt. 
  • You cannot wear a sweater over your staff shirt. Ticket holders need to be able to identify you as an employee.  
  • The shirt must be clean for each shift.  
  • Black dress pants or dark black or blue jeans. No yoga pants or leggings. You will be sent home if you show up with leggings.
  • If you are wearing jeans, they must be an appropriate length, and have no rips, tears or shredding.
  • Comfortable shoes (no open toed footwear allowed).
  • Hair to be kept tidy and out of your face.
  • Please keep jewelry minimal.
  • No chewing gum or eating candy.
  • Your lanyard and nametag must be always worn and visible while on shift. 

Glow is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and can contribute fully, and have equal opportunities. 

  • The right to freedom from discrimination and harassment extends to all employees, including full-time, part-time, temporary and contract staff, as well as volunteers, co-op students, interns and apprentices. 
  • It is further unacceptable for members of staff working on our behalf to engage in harassment or discrimination when dealing with clients, or with others with whom they have professional dealings, such as customers, other staff members, service providers and potential clients. 
  • This policy applies to every level of our organization and to every aspect of the workplace environment and employment relationship, including recruitment, selection, promotion, transfers, training, salaries, benefits and termination. It also covers rates of pay, overtime, hours of work, holidays, discipline and performance evaluations.  
  • Furthermore, this policy applies to events that occur outside of the physical workplace. 
  • For the purposes of this policy: 
  • “Discrimination” means any form of unequal treatment based on a protected ground, whether imposing extra burdens or denying benefits. It may be intentional or unintentional. It may involve direct actions that are discriminatory on their face, or it may involve rules, practices or procedures that appear neutral, but have the effect of disadvantaging certain groups of people. 




We use radios to stay connected at the event. Each Zone Supervisor with be equipped with a radio, along with Info Booth, Managers, Security, Medical Attendant and Janitorial.

Making a Two Way Radio Call

  1. Ensure channel is clear
  2. Press and hold the PTT (Push-To-Talk) button
  3. After 2 seconds state “Your name and Zone #” to“Recipient call sign”
  4. Wait for recipient to reply “Go for (Recipient call sign)”
  5. Press and hold the PTT button, wait 2 seconds and convey your message


Absolutely no chatting over the radio. This is our only communication if a emergency call comes in.

You will need to evaluate the severity of the reason for the radio call and identify that in your If the situation is serious, please state that.

Radio Basic Terminology and M

Radio Check – What is my signal strength? Can you hear me clearly? *do this once you have your assigned radio and it is turned on.

Go Ahead – You are ready to receive incoming radio message.

Standby – You acknowledge the incoming radio message, but are unable to respond immediately.

Roger/Copy – Message received and understood.

Over– Your message is finished

Repeat – Please repeat your message


 In the event of a Lost Child (where parents cannot find their child)- ALWAYS refer to it as a Code Rainbow over the radios and when asking for managements help (whether in person or on the radio).

In the event of a Found Child (where we have the child but cannot find the parents) – ALWAYS refer to it as a Code Charlie over the radios and when asking for managements help (whether in person or on the radio).

Ask parent to provide a description of the child including what they are wearing and clothing colors. Ask hair color and style. You are not allowed to say the child’s race on the radio.

When parent and child are reunited this will be announced on the radio as a ‘Code Charlie Resolved’ or ‘Code Rainbow Resolved’

If a customer has lost an item, you can radio the Lost & Found and ask if an item has been turned in. If an item has been turned in, you do not give any details over the radio, you guide the guest over to the LOST & FOUND booth beside the Glow Entrance.

If they have found an item and are turning in to you, immediatelty take it to lost and found. DO NOt describe a found item over the radio.

 Identify yourself, your location and the nature of the emergency on your Radio. Do not panic and keep messages short and concise.

Be professional, keep on point and match the tone of your voice to the message you want to get across.

Follow the procedures for an Emergency as specified by your work place. Keep radio chatter to a minimum until the situation is under control

In the event of a spill or clean up is necessary – radio your lead that a janitorial crew is required at… (and give description of area they need to tend to.

If they event that a child has vomited, you will call a code SPINKLES and give location. It is important that you stand at where the mess is to ensure that a guest doesnt walk in it, etc.